Little Me

Nursery Facilities

The Nursery is made up of five main rooms: – The Big Playroom, The Wet Room (dining room), The Sleep room and Preschool rooms plus separate children’s bathrooms. The children use the entire Nursery for different activities throughout the day.

At 9.00am we begin the Nursery day. The children split up into age groups;

The Pippins     ~ 9 months to 2 years (ratio 1:3)
The Pixies      ~ 2 to 3 years (ratio 1:4)
The Bramleys ~ 3 to 5 years (ratio 1:8)

With the assistance of the children, individual activities are planned for the day and for each room, with zones for different areas of learning, for example; construction, mark making, problem solving, book corner, role play, investigation/discovery, creative workshop, sand, water, messy substances, malleable, and small world.  Staff are on hand to facilitate the children’s learning, by modelling new skills and extending their existing knowledge. We feel it is important for the children to move around the Nursery rather than being confined to one room for the whole day, as this is consistent to home life and we feel this flexibility enables both children and staff to be happy, contented and productive.

  • The Big Playroom

This is a large, light and airy room; it has a homely cosy feel with a sofa for stories and cuddles. The room is carpeted and has a tiled floor area for wet or messy activities. There is a large selection of toys, resources and equipment for all ages and for all types of play and learning.

  • The Wet Room

This fully tiled room, which resembles a home kitchen lends itself well to all types of play, especially the serious business of painting, gluing, sticking, colouring, junk modelling, cooking, sand and water play, anything that might be messy happens here!   We also use this room for all our meals.

  • The Sleep Room

This lovely quiet, carpeted room is used as our ‘Sleep room’. Where we create a darkened, quiet and peaceful room, away from the hustle and bustle of the other main activity rooms. This enables our young children to have an undisturbed sleep time. All children are settled down to sleep by a member of staff, who remains in the room at all times. We have a listening device and regular checks are made by staff to monitor their sleep as well. All of the children have their own bed linen, which is laundered by the Nursery.

    • Pre-School

    Situated on the first floor of the Nursery, this large, bright, well equipped and airy room has wonderful views over the surrounding countryside. It offers plenty of space for our Bramley children (3-5 yrs) to play and learn. Our Early Years teacher and qualified staff help facilitate planned and purposeful play in a variety of areas, including a role play corner, tinker table, finger gym, IT zone, mark making and creative area and a comfy and cosy book corner. Our Bramley group have fun learning to explore letters and sounds, shapes, space and measure, as well as developing their fine motor skills through drawing and writing.  Our excellent resources and environment ensure that the children are given the best opportunities to continue to develop their readiness for school.