Little Me

Nursery Meals

At Little Me Nursey we feel that a balanced, healthy diet is of the utmost importance for a growing child, which is why we pay great attention to ensure that whilst your child is in our care, their nutritional needs are maintained. Our experienced staff are knowledgable in the stages of weaning and introducing different food groups and will listen to, help and support you and the child through this.

We use as much fresh produce as possible. All our meat is supplied by Joseph Morris of South Kilworth, who uses predominantly locally, reared meat. All our other produce comes from Sainbury’s or The Farndon Fields Farm shop.

Any special requirements can be catered for.

The daily menus are displayed on the main noticeboard and throughout the day meals comprise of: –

Breakfast (optional extra) ~ Choice of wholegrain healthy cereals, and a selection of either; toast, rice cakes, oatcakes, savoury muffins and fresh fruit.
Served between 8:00 am – 8:30 am
Mid Morning Refreshment ~ Choice of two/three fresh fruits, or vegetable sticks plus a savoury snack, for example corn cakes, breadsticks and water or milk to drink.
Lunch ~ Homemade hot dish served with fresh vegetables and a homemade pudding to follow.
Afternoon Tea ~ Traditional Nursery tea: –

Varies daily from a selection, for example of either: sandwiches, wraps, filled pittas, fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, crumpets, savoury muffins, crackers with a topping, scones, yogurts and homemade biscuits.

At meal times children are offered a choice of milk or water to drink and fresh drinking water is available at all times.