Welcome to our new updated Little Me Nursery Website

We have recently overhauled our website. Whilst retaining the same distinctive and charming design from ‘Sarah Boddy‘, we have introduced a number of new features including a more user friendly experience across all your home and mobile devices. Our new site is ‘responsive’ which means when viewing it on mobile devices and tablets the site adapts to ‘fit to screen’ – changing the orientation of an image in a second with a single touch.  All sites these days are becoming ‘responsive’ as people become more and more dependent on their smart phones and tablets (size and convenience); over half of all internet traffic now takes place on mobile devices, and with over half the UK’s population now owning a smart phone. It is clear that responsive websites are now essential in this highly competitive battle for our attention. We all know from our own personal experience of browsing sites on the web, that the viewing experience can vary enormously. In light of the new GDPR regulations, we have updated our website to enure compliance, including a new privacy policy and cookie consent and are in the process of compiling a new photo gallery of the nursery facilities and our garden and surroundings.  This should be along shortly. Additionally, we have updated all our own nursery policies. Also, as you can see, we have added a ‘News’ page, where we look forward to keeping you in touch with all the goings on at the Nursery… watch this space! We hope you enjoy our browsing our new site, and give us a call if you’d like any further information or email us at