Little Me

Ethos of Little Me Nursery

Raising a child is one of the most wonderful and fulfilling experiences a person can have. Children bring joy, laughter and love into our lives. The job is also one of great responsibility and can be quite nerve wracking at times. Parents always seek the best for their children and each parent must find his or her own individual way for caring for their child, as each child is unique and has very different requirements.

At Little Me Nursery and in partnership with parents, we take the role of primary carer whilst the child is in our care. We believe strongly in building firm, clear foundations in early childhood, from which the child can develop and grow, making sure that we address his or her unique needs and abilities. Every decision we make regarding their care is based on what is good for them, rather than what society dictates is normal or easier for the adult. We make every effort to understand what it is that really helps your child grow in the best possible way, hoping that the end result will be a happy, healthy and balanced individual.

Rhythm and Simplicity

Children thrive on rhythm and simplicity. It gives them a sense of security and stability, both very important aspects to growing healthily and developing a sure sense of self. Getting up at the same time every morning, going through the same morning breakfast routine, having patterns and activities they can rely on happening in the same way at the same time every day establishes a foundation for the child to stand firm upon.

At Little Me we already have established routines in place. Our meal and snack times are always at the same every day, as are the activity times and the free play times. The Nursery timetable is the same every day, this gives the children security. Having said that, nothing is cast in stone and we can be flexible and spontaneous when we need to be, for example, if the weather is nice we may decide to pack up a picnic and take the children to the park for tea, or if we have snow go out in the garden first thing to build a snowman.